Anouk Keizer

Contact Information

Utrecht University
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Experimental Psychology
Langeveld building, room H.011
Heidelberglaan 1
3584 CS Utrecht
The Netherlands

Tel: 030 253 3572


  In 2009 I obtained my MSc degree in Psychology at Utrecht University. My MSc thesis focused on body representation in anorexia nervosa in the visual and tactile domain and formed the basis of my PhD project. I obtained my PhD in 2014 at the department of Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University. The main aim of my PhD project was investigating body representation disturbances in perception and action in anorexia nervosa patients, and its relation with body dissatisfaction. In collaboration with Altrecht Eating Disorders Rintveld I conducted several studies on somatosensory perception, body-scaled action and visuo-tactile integration in anorexia nervosa. Currently I am working as a post doc researcher at the department of Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University (in collaboration with the department of Clinical & Health Psychology and Altrecht Eating Disorders Rintveld). My post doc project focuses on body size experience in anorexia nervosa and the role bodily illusions in virtual reality play in changing the disturbed experience of body size. In addition, in a running study I am investigating the effectiveness of a new therapeutic intervention specifically directed at body size experience in action.

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