Time-limited versus open-ended treatment for Anorexia Nervosa: a health-economic evaluation alongside two paired prospective cohorts

Treatment guidelines for Anorexia Nervosa advise three treatments: CBT-E, MANTRA and SSCM. To test if duration of treatment is shortened and thereby costs lowered, specialist treatment (TAU) is compared to time-limited treatment (CBT-E, MANTRA or SSCM) allocated by Shared Decision Making (SDM) in this study. 

People: Alberte Jansingh

Grant: ZonMw

Eating behaviors of autistic women with an eating disorder

Research into the eating behaviours of women with both diagnosed autism spectrum disorder and an eating disorder is scarce. This study aims to gain insight into the eating behaviours of autistic women with an eating disorder by comparing their behaviours to women with an eating disorder that are not autistic and to autistic women that do not have an eating disorder. In addition to that, we are investigating whether their attitudes and behaviors towards food are associated with other (co-morbid) problems and quality of life.

People: Sabrina Schröder

A comparison of emotion experience in anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and panic disorder

People: Benny van der Vijgh, Unna Danner

Microbiome-Gut-Brain in Anorexia Nervosa

People: Benny van der Vijgh, Unna Danner, Roger Adan

Grant: ERA-NET

The dissection of the genetic background of specific traits within eating disorders

Validation of the ED-15, a Brief Session-by-Session Questionnaire to Measure Changes in Eating Disorder Cognitions and Behaviors

The ED-15 is a 15-item questionnaire that was recently translated into Dutch and is used in clinical practice. We will conduct a study on the psychometric qualities of the Dutch version of the questionnaire. The study comprises a combination of cross-sectional and longitudinal survey design and will compare outcomes of a clinical and a general population.

People: Caya van Eikenhorst, Benny van der Vijgh, Unna Danner

Reliability and Validity of the Dutch translation of the Caregiver Skills Scale (CASK-NL)

People: Christien Schilder