Anouk Keizer

Contact Information

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Experimental Psychology
University Utrecht
Heidelberglaan 1
3584 CS Utrecht

Tel: 030 253 3572


Introduction/ Research

I work as an assistant professor at the department of Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University. My main research interest is the role bodily experiences play in psychiatric conditions. In my eating disorder related research I mostly focus on oversized experiences in anorexia nervosa patients. Often patients with anorexia nervosa experience their body as bigger than it actually is. I approach this phenomenon from a neuropsychological perspective. In previous work I have for example looked at somatosensory processing, tactile size perception, visual size perception, multisensory integration, bodily illusions, and body-scaled action in anorexia nervosa patients. Based on my previous research I developed, in collaboration with Jose Bonekamp (psychomotor therapist) and Manja Engel, a new therapeutic intervention ( that aims to reduce body image problems.

I co-supervise several PhD students. Manja Engel focuses on body representation disturbances in currently ill and recovered eating disorder patients in her PhD project. Jojanneke Bijsterbosch focuses on the role of intolerance of uncertainty in body image disturbances in adolescents with anorexia nervosa.

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