Benny van der Vijgh

Contact Information

Altrecht Eating Disorders Rintveld
Wenshoek 4
3705 WE Zeist

Tel: +31 (0)30 696 5477



I combine my background in clinical psychology with my background in neuroscience and AI to approach research into eating disorders in a multidisciplinary manner. In 2016 I obtained my PhD on the topic of stress psychophysiology at Utrecht University (UU) and University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU). Subsequently I accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at UMCU, focusing on brain-computer interfaces in patients with ALS, aimed at restoring communication. Following my desire to incorporate clinical aspects in my work, I started as scientist-practicioner at Altrecht Rintveld in 2019, combining clinical work and research. Currently I work as a senior researcher at Rintveld, combining clinical work with my line of research focussing on the maintaining aspects of stress on eating disorders.


My research focuses on how stress functons as a maintaining factor in eating disorders. Within this line of research I combine psychophysiological measurements with behavioural data and other measurements to gain more insight in how stress influences the course of an eating disorder, with the aim to develop new interventions aimed at mitigating this influence. In addition to my own line of research I work on several other studies and supervise students.


Benny van der Vijgh, PhD.


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