Karlijn Kooij

Contact Information

UMC Utrecht

E-mail: K.L.Kooij@umcutrecht.nl



Between 2012 and 2015, I studied psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam. In 2018, I obtained my master's in neuroscience, track basic and applied neuroscience also at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, I’m a Ph.D. student in the lab of Prof. dr. Roger Adan at the UMC Utrecht.


I work on the relation between the microbiome and anorexia nervosa. For this translational project, I coordinate the clinical study that takes place at Altrecht Eating Disorders Rintveld in Zeist. We will examine if the microbiome is altered in anorexia nervosa patients and if this is associated with the length of illness. The main focus of my work is in rodents, in which I investigate whether there is a causal relation between the microbiome, anorectic symptoms, and the reward system.


Karlijn Kooij, MSc.


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