Sabrina Schröder

Contact Information

Altrecht Eating Disorders Rintveld
Wenshoek 4
3705 WE Zeist

Tel: +31 (0)30 696 5477


Introduction/ Research

After obtaining my MSc in Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University in 2017, I have worked at Altrecht Eating Disorders Rintveld as a psychologist and research assistant, until becoming a PhD candidate in 2019. At Rintveld, my main focus is working with autistic patients suffering from eating disorders, a complex group of patients for which I am coordinating a clinical pathway aiming to provide better care and support. Directly linked to this pathway is my PhD project, where I investigate the eating behaviors of autistic women with an eating disorder. This allows me to combine and integrate both research and clinical practice on a daily basis. In my research, I am especially interested in whether the eating behaviors of autistic women with an eating disorder are different to women who have an eating disorder but are not autistic and to those of autistic women that do not have an eating disorder. I am also investigating whether their eating behaviors and attitudes towards eating are associated with other psychiatric problems and quality of life.

In addition to my work at Rintveld, I hold a teaching position at the department of Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University, where I have the pleasure of supervising MA students in writing their MA theses or during their clinical-and research internships, as well as coordinating BA courses.


Sabrina Schröder, MSc.


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